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 Release Party - Fire Man (RMM)

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O Ilusionista
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Lv 1
O Ilusionista

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PostSubject: Release Party - Fire Man (RMM)   Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:22 pm

=========== | Fire Man |==========

Sprited By: Laspacho
Old Coding:  !E, Nestor
Remade Coding, specials, Powersets and AI: O Ilusionista
Mugen: Mugen 1.0
Data: 28/12/2017
Char number: 72

Starting from the old base, I've re-created or re-programmed virtually all of the character's moves, creating all Power Sets and AI, so it's practically a new character, quite different from the previous version of the EOH project. I really like the Flame Wisp movement Smile

This version is more recent than the last released in RMM.

============= | IMAGES | ============

============= | VIDEO | ============

Character Movelists

General Gamplay:
* Dash Forward: F,F
* Dash Back: B,B
* Super Jump: D,U
* Dodge in place: LP+LK
* Dodge Forward: F+LP+LK
* Dodge Back: B+LP+LK
* Recovery Roll: Hold Forward or Back while recovering from lie down
* Throw: Hold Forward or Back and Press HP or HK

QCF+P: Heat Cannon (can be used on air)
QCB+K: Fire Dash (can be used on air)
QCB+P: Fire Storm

D, D, any button: Change Weapon
LP: Flame Wisp (buttons controls the duration and the helper velocity. Walk or run to see it). Input the same command to shoot the helper.
MP: Fire Trap (buttons controls the duration)
HP: Flame Dive (buttons sets the delay)
LK: Fire Ball (buttons sets the velocity and p1 pushback)
MK: Plasma Ball (buttons sets the delay and velocity)
HK: Flamethrower (buttons sets the duration)
QCF+K: Use Weapon

QCB+PP: Fire Hurricane (can be used on air)
QCF+KK: Inferno Blast
QCB+KK: Fire Crusher (can be used on air)
D, D, D+KK: Raging Fire (LVL 3)

Download: http://www.brazilmugenteam.com

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Dj Sonic
Dj Sonic

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PostSubject: Re: Release Party - Fire Man (RMM)   Sun Jan 07, 2018 9:25 pm

Excelente personaje, está muy bien balanceado y las sprites son muy buenas, te felicito, saludos.


Click Here or Image!!!
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Release Party - Fire Man (RMM)

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