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 My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase

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My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase Empty
PostSubject: My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase   My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase Icon_minitimeSun Mar 06, 2016 12:00 am

Hi all, for some reason I haven't visited in awhile. I have some WIPs at the moment (Trunkz 2.0 and 1 unannounced) but not ready to do the character showcases until I finish this project. I have a Perfect Cell planned, but the character is ideally going to be so big the effects management will be a nightmare (each stance will have separate colors). Instead of having tons of different colors sprites or tons of photoshop palette work I want to make an FX system to hopefully easily copy from character to character, and change the animations out when I get bored or find something better.

So this is my Mugen 1.1 CommonFX Project. Trying to use as few sprites as possible to build particle emitter style hit sparks, explosions, etc. And also take other old FX I use such as the Dizzy Stars and make them more dynamic and easy to modify! So far the videos below are what I have done and ready to show. The downside is they only work in Mugen1.1 since I use interpolate and Explod Angle/Remappal. All the color changing is down by remappal thru 180 possible gradients palettes!

For those that follow me on Facebook this is nothing new, I'll just post what I have so far in video here!

Hitsparks, Guard Sparks, and Lightning test:

Dynamic Dizzy Stars:

Explosion Emitters and FlameTrails/Flame Debris Emitters:

It's taking me a long time but when its done, I think it will greatly cut down on start time of every character, FX, animation, and base helpers and FX will be 100% in about 30-60 minutes after I add the sprites. So character creation will be faster for me which is good since I'm so slow!

The next videos will be for the upgrade Particle Emitter Aura (thx to Cacuke for original code), the Glowing AfterImage/Majin Aura (thx to Roken for original code), and the Pulsing AfterImage Auras! Previews:
My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase B1pmaUzlMy Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase 1ORD5Inl
My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase HnmtPSsl
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My Mugen 1.1 "CommonFX" Showcase

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