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 Nail Arcade Style

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PostSubject: Nail Arcade Style   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:05 pm

I know I should update my earlier chars, but in the meantime...

I always thought that Nail was a badass, and he had too little screen time in the show.
In fact he had a greater power level than other characters in Freeza's Saga.
His misfortune was that he stand against the boss of these period.
What if he stood and fight other characters? Now you can find out.

My Nail has sprites edited from Piccolo. English sounds from budokai games, attacks that he had in the show,
PS2 games and some customs(like Great Namek Stomp or Dende healing helper). He also has cinematic intro, ending and Win quotes.
Enjoy playing him.

Credits to: Choujin, Kramer

Attacks List(Also included in char folder):
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Nail Arcade Style

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