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 Dragon Ball Z English SNDs (Sounds)

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball Z English SNDs (Sounds)   Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:35 pm

Does anyone have or can make for me some English SNDs for these DBZ chars:

1. GotenAF (AF Goten) by Claudio84, Squall
2. Gogeta Z (Gogeta) by Lip Ultra SSJ
3. Krillin Z(Buu Saga Krillin) by Julian_Sk
4. chaoz (Chiaotzu) by Leo
5. roshiub22(Master Roshi) by supermystery
6. Cooler (Final Form Cooler) by Mefio type9
7. KingCold by Future_Vegetto
8. Zarbon by MasterPegasus
9. Jeice0 by STIG87, CHOUJIN & Iron-Angelus
10. videl by MRP®
11. kaioshin (Supreme Kai) by MiaoYu

Also, I am willing to trade some of my chars or some of these English SNDS (DBZ Funimation English voice actors) I made myself:

1. gokuENG.snd for Goku GZ (Shirtless Goku) by Guerreros Z Team ( GZ )
2. gukuafENG.snd for GokuAF by OZ
3. GokuSSJ2ENG.snd for Goku-SSJ2-by-bprulez (Damaged SS2 Goku) by bpruleZ
4. gohanENG.snd for gohan saiyan (Kid Gohan) by UG
5. GohanENG.snd for Gohan (Teen Gohan) or Gohan Armor SSJ by Neocide & Havoc
6. ArmoredENG.snd for Armored Gohan (Armored Teen Gohan) by Julian_Sk
7. beby-gohanENG.snd for baby-gohan or gohan ssj3 by Deus Sayajin
8. Saiyaman2ENG.snd for Saiyaman by OverMind and Lucifer
9. GohanBlackENG.snd for Gohan Black Sayaman normal e ssj1 by Victor e Pit Wolf ((Dragons Mugen team))
10. gohanSNDENG.snd for ssj2 Kid Gohan (Movie 9 SS2 Teen Gohan) by Chrono_Strife and Neocide
11. vegetaENG.snd for Vegeta namek by Mugenfan2005 DGZ-Team
12. VegGT2ENG.snd for Vegeta GT by HyperionX & ZGTeam
13. vegetaENG.snd for Vegeta-GT-SSJ by Le@nDrO
14. VegetaENG.snd for Vegeta SSJ3 by Giovanni
15. vegeta-ssj50ENG.snd for Vegeta SSJ5 by Brayan Girón García
16. SuperTrunksENG.snd for SuperTrunks (Armored Trunks) by Sharingan A>K>A SSJ4GOKU
17. n-trunksENG.snd for trunksgt or trunksgtssj by Princevegeta
18. FtrunksENG.snd for Trunks Sword (SS Trunks with Sword) by Ssonic & Dude
19. TrunksSNDENG.snd for Trunks Armor (SS Armored Trunks) by JoJosport40 or Trunks SSJ2 by Wasaby
20. trunksENG.snd for Trunks by FRS GAMES or Trunks SSJ4 by Trunksin4
21. broli1ENG.snd for broli1 (Broly) by deus sayajin
22. BROLIENG.snd for BROLIHD (SS Broly) by Lord of Games e Alad Sayiajin
23. broliENG.snd for broli_ssj3 by ? or Broly SSJ4 by Princevegeta
24. BardockENG.snd for Bardock SSJ by M-JIZZLE SPRITES
25. raditzENG.snd for raditz by Sawady
26. RaditzENG.snd for Raditz or Raditz SSJ by Zerberus_Dante(DgzMember)
27. N_GOTENKENG.snd for GOTENKS_ by Goten88
28. gotenksENG.snd for gotenks_ssj3 by Cyanide
29. PiccoloENG.snd for Piccoro (Piccolo) by FlowaGirl
30. Imperfect_CellENG.snd for Cell 2nd Form by Team Dbz OS
31. TrunksENG.snd for Trunks kid by YLS ((Mugen Mundo))
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Dragon Ball Z English SNDs (Sounds)

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