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PostSubject: ayuda   ayuda Icon_minitimeTue Apr 03, 2012 6:50 pm

hola a todos, quería hacer esto hace mucho pero pero nunca lo recordaba.
mi mugen por alguna razón no repite las canciones en las stages y quisiera saber si existe una solución por ejemplo entrar al system.def y cambiar algo!
bueno es eso! desde ya muchas gracias y disculpen las molestias!

nose si posteo bien!
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PostSubject: Re: ayuda   ayuda Icon_minitimeMon Apr 16, 2012 2:46 pm

If you're using the WinMugen version of the fighting engine the problem isn't in the system.def but in the mugen.cfg in the data folder:

scroll down the text until you see this:

; Sound configuration (Windows)
; Note: WavVolume and MidiVolume here are not the same
; as the ones in [Options], but they all affect the volume.
[Sound Win]
;Set the following to 1 to enable sound effects and music.
;Set to 0 to disable.
Sound = 1

go down a little bit and you'll find this:

;List Winamp-compatible plugins here.
;Specify the filename of the plugin and the list of file types to
;use the plugin for. One plugin per line.
;Example: plugin = plugins/my_plugin.dll, mp3, mp2, mpg
;If music is not looping with a particular plugin, you can try an
;optional first argument looptype=1 (seek to zero; may stutter)
;or looptype=2 (reload plugin; slow).
;Example: plugin = looptype=1, plugins/my_plugin.dll, mp3, mp2, mpg

like the file says you could write : (showing an example of mine)

plugin = looptype=2, plugins/in_mad.dll, mp3, mp2, mpg
plugin = looptype=2, plugins/in_mp3.dll, mp3, mp2, mpg
plugin = looptype=2, plugins/in_vorbis.dll, ogg
plugin = looptype=2, plugins/in_adx.dll, adx

(check if you have the plugins and match them to the right code)

In the M.U.G.E.N. 1.0 version there isn't this problem.

This should help you!
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