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 Fighter Factory 3

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PostSubject: Fighter Factory 3    Sat Dec 17, 2011 5:02 pm


Today, I'm releasing Fighter Factory 3 Beta to the public. This program is a hard work of one year, sorry for the long delay, but isn't easy to make a professional strength tool like this.
It has some great improvements:
- Very fast.
- Smooth.
- Supports Windows 7 features and multi-threading.
- Multi-plataform.
- Highly customizable.
- Can create and edit more than just characters.
- Uses a caching system that supports compression + filtering.
- New text editor capabilities like code folding and syntax validation.
- Supports OpenGL for rendering.
- Fully unicode.

Briefy description

Fighter Factory 3 is a full featured M.U.G.E.N. editor. Using it, you can create and edit characters, stages, fonts, and everything you want. This new version provides full support for M.U.G.E.N. Beta and 1.x versions.
Now, you can use the interface that you want, like Classic and Ultimate versions of Fighter Factory. In addition, you have the Neo interface, with more options and a better look.
Fighter Factory isn't an automated program. It provide all possible tools and functions to allow the user to use your creativity and make your projects in a fast and easy way. The program will not do all the work for you. Wink

Important notes

It's still in the beta stage, because I want to add more features that will need caution.
Make sure that you backup everything if you don't want to loss any data (when you open Fighter Factory you assume all risks, your data is your responsability).
The AIR full text editor is disabled for now. I'm working on a better way to manage this and allow to edit animations in the DEF too.
The Lua scripting system is functional, but I not finished all "bindings", to allow Lua to see Fighter Factory code and use it.

Main features

- Interface similar to Classic and Ultimate versions.
- Support for M.U.G.E.N. Beta and bellow, including the private 1.1 Alpha.
- Improved backup functionality (sub-folder with the current time/date each backup).
- Improved Run in M.U.G.E.N. function (allow more than one M.U.G.E.N. to be defined).
- Supports Undo/Redo in SFF and SND (AIR with the full text mode).
- Quick find mode to easy and fast search in any editor (Backward, Circular, RegExp, Case sensivity).
- DEF in text mode.
- Supports Cut/Copy/Paste in SFF.
- Better image editing capabilities.
- New interesting functions: 'split RGB channels' and 'Save sprites (aligned)' in SFF and 'Use this CLSNs in all other instances of this frame' (AIR).
- Palette editor similar to the Classic version, with more functions.
- Better GIF generation: time accurate and LZW compressed.
- Fast CLSN creation: you just need to draw the CLSN in the place you want.
- Multi-selection of CLSNs.
- Remove all selected CLSNs with Delete and move with the arrow keys.
- Highlights the full M.U.G.E.N. syntax and check errors.
- Syntax error navigation.
- Function to toggle comments in all selected lines (line start).
- Integrated documentation.
- Import/Export SFF, AIR and SND.
- Customization of keyboard shortcuts.
- Text encoding detection to convert from multi-byte to unicode encodings (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, ... support).
- Hierarchical list of text groups/blocks (tree).
- Dynamic code snippet system.



Bug reporting

When reporting a problem, include any error message / screenshot, steps to reproduce the problem, more detailed informations like current editor, last used function and send any useful file (Fighter Factory error report or log) or the file that you are currently working in (I promise, it don't will be leaked).

Optionally, you can include the type of the bug:
- Heisenbug: a bug that disappears or alters its characteristics when an attempt is made to study it. by [jacob]
- Hindenbug: a catastrophic data destroying bug - "Oh the humanity!". by [mike-robinson]
- Counterbug: a bug you present when presented with a bug caused by the person presenting the bug. by [mike-robinson]
- Bloombug: a bug that accidentally generates money. by [mike-robinson]
- Schrödinbug: refers to a function/feature that appears to fluctuate between buggy and correct (like Schrödinger's cat, fluctuating between alive and dead), until somebody looks at the source code (opens the box), at which point it becomes permanently bugged. by [aaronaught]
- Loch Ness Monster Bug: a bug which cannot be reproduced or has only been sighted by one person. by [russau] (Also, Bugfoot is a great alternative).
- UFO bug: a bug presented by customers, who, even when they're shown that it doesn't exist, will repeatedly report it again and again, believing it is real. by [Tuqui]
- Mad girlfriend bug: a bug whose immediate effect remains hidden - the app outwardly seems to function normally and tells you that everything is fine. by [jeduan-cornejo]

Finally, I'm interested on Bloombug bugs. Very Happy


{_Carnificina_}, Beatrice, vans, Legendary XM-90 for the great help in all previous versions.
Cyanide, Cybaster, Jesuszilla, Juano16, Liero, O Ilusionista, RajaaBoy, Zero-Sennin for the best possible private beta testing of the current version and the help in previous versions too (these are my idols).
Kain the Supreme, KoopaKoot, Maximilianjenus, PotS, for accepting my invitation but didn'thave time/conditions to test.
(DG), _Josue_, AnArquia B, Angel, Awesome, Binho, Carnavalesco-Man, Chon Wang, Don Drago, Doom, Duende Macabro, Erradicator, Ex Inferis, Ex Shadow, FerchogtX, Fervicante, Godita, Pao, Hero, Hiei SSJ, Iced, InicianteZERO, MabsKMK, MadkaT, MalaDingDong, Mantovao, Misamu, Poemi Watanabe, Raposo, Rednavi, Riptide, Sal-azul, Sam, SpyderBoy, Superleosam, Toninho 3rd, Toshio, Vans, xande, xursinix, Yin Yang, to be part of the Fighter Factory's history, with feedback and suggestions.
Comunity of the forums Mugen Fighters Guild, MugenBR, Pão de Mugen (all others included indirectly).
Elecbyte to make this buggy engine and give me problems (you don't know why) Oops!

Link - mediafire.com ?7rjm7nvy964vsab

Update 1 - mediafire.com ?5najn2iddfikfoz

- Fixed a problem with the thumbnail functions in the AIR editor
- Fixed the crash when closing a tab in the CNS/ST editor

I'm investigating the Gill's issue. This char have a lot of linked palettes. Then it will take a long time to analize.
All other issues aren't confirmed yet.

Update 2 - mediafire.com ?o0v5ubns2g5dksv

- Unlocked the usage of Fighter Factory while running MUGEN
- Fixed the search problem when more than one tab is open
- Fixed a problem in the search by name (AIR)

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PostSubject: Re: Fighter Factory 3    Sat Dec 17, 2011 6:59 pm

Genial, gracias por el aporte Tapion... Very Happy


Click Here or Image!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighter Factory 3    Fri May 11, 2012 5:44 pm

Los links estan rotos!

Hay una version en español? Si hay alguna porfavor pasen el link!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighter Factory 3    Sat May 12, 2012 8:23 am

Go to Mugen Guild to get the latest version:
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PostSubject: Re: Fighter Factory 3    Sat May 12, 2012 12:39 pm

eu nao consegui me adapta a esse fighter factory
nao consigo adicionar palheta
transforma em pcx
nada do que eu faço no classic

eh uma pena
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PostSubject: Re: Fighter Factory 3    

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Fighter Factory 3

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