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 The Legend of Zelda Link

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PostSubject: The Legend of Zelda Link   Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:55 pm

Werewood wrote:

!!!!!!!!! for best result, please set your MUGEN1.0/winmugen to 640x480 !!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!! MUGEN1.0 is highly recommended though !!!!!!!!!

- Run: F, F
- Hop Back: B, B
- Weak Sword Slash: x
- Strong Sword Slash: y
- Down Sword Thrust: in air, y, while holding downward

- Machine Gun Sword: rapidly press x/y repeatedly
*cancellable into the rest of the specials
- Weak Wooden Arrow: D, DF, F, x
- Strong Wooden Arrow: D, DF, F, y
*press a/b to cancel
- Hookshot: F, D, DF, x/y
*version vertical: when P2 is in the air and right above Link
*version diagonal: when P2 is in the air and in front of Link and not right above Link
*version horizontal: when P2 is on ground
- Sword Spin: D, DB, B, x/y
- Bomb Drop: B, D, DB, x
- Bomb Throw: B, D, DB, y

- Boomerang: a
*stops P2 movement (P2 must be on ground)
*gives no damage to P2
- Megaton Hammer: b
*unguardable and unblockable
*sends P2 high into the air (P2 must be on ground)
*gives no damage to P2 if Link is not interrupted
*gives some damage to P2 if Link is interrupted

Supers (require and consume 1000/3000 power)
- Light Arrow: D, DF, F, x+y
- Fairy Calling: D, DB, B, x+y
*Link plays an ocarina and a Fairy is called and she drops a health bottle for Link to replenish some life

1. Link cannot throw

2. There are no aerial versions of the Boomerang and Megaton Hammer auxiliaries

3. A.I. available

4. Only 1 palette.........feel free to send your palettes to me
and I will add you in my "Big Thanks" list!

- Sprite Database
- Legend of Zelda sound effects by HelpTheWretched

Big Thanks To:
- GregarLink15, for creating some sprite sheets of Link
- HelpTheWretched, for ripping many The Legend of Zelda sounds/voices
- Elecbyte, for making a dream fighting game engine MUGEN

Yeah, I suck at making palettes..............

Download Link: http://page.freett.com/werewood/mugen.html

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The Legend of Zelda Link

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