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 Meteo-san released

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PostSubject: Meteo-san released   Sat Jul 23, 2011 7:02 am

Name: Meteo-san.
Game: Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams.
Genre: All girl doujin fighter for PC.
Voice Actress: Chieko Honda.
Release log:
a) Updated basic attacks (kick and punches).
B) Updated Star Power Blast.
c) Updated Mook Bakudan Nage.
d) Added new effects.
e) Updated Hoshi No Tunel Naka.
f) Added new intro.
g) Updated Super Mook Nage.
h) Updated Castanet Storm.
i) Updated Meteor Smash.
j) Updated Shobatsu Meteor.
k) Added Wake Up.
m) Updated Castanet Break.
n) Updated Ikari no Jitan Da.
o) Updated Down Attack.
p) Updated all of the dash attacks.
q) Updated Charge Star Power.
r) Updated throw.
Know issues:
a) Castanet Storm is kinda glitchy at times which made some of the orbs freeze their positions and only vanish after being
touched by the enemy, don't figured how to fix.
B) Ikari no Jitan Da may fail if the enemy have quick down recovery or is invencible after falling, not sure how to code
a throw version.
c) Castanet Break was originally executed in air, but still don't figured how to code it.
d) Shobatsu Meteor cause too much damage that may kill a enemy at once. Still don't known how to lower the damage without
ruining the entire super motion.
e) The Baton Tsuri had a variation which could even grab the enemy, still don't know how to code it.


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Meteo-san released

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