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 Mugen Generations Community's Rules

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PostSubject: Mugen Generations Community's Rules   Mugen Generations Community's Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 4:33 pm


1- Remakes are allowed only if proper credits are given to the original author and, if he/she is active in the mugen community, the proper permission to use/edit that creation has to be shown. The release of remakes of characters less than 4 years old IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

2- OPEN Source material released or created in this forum can be used by everyone, but that doesn’t mean that credits for the authors are not to be given by anyone who uses this material.

3- It is FORBIDDEN to present or release, in this or any other forum, material that is in development by normal users or Mugen Generations Teams’ members that It is reported to be stolen from their creations. People marked as stealers will be banned immediately and permanently if this accusation ends up true.

4- Material from Mugen Musseum is for personal use only and Mugen Generations will not be responsible of it wrong use, unless it could present a situation that affect this community’s prestige directly.

5- To make public/release/show private material it is forbidden in this community, if you are not the creator. Anyone who breaks this rule will be banned.

6- Uploading creations by others authors and posting these new links in this forum is allowed only if some users have problems to download any material from the creator’s main link or web page.

6 BIS- If the only know link is a reuploaded version in another forum (rehosted), It is allowed to be uploaded, because it could be expire soon as it is not the official author’s link. To Post material that it is created in this forum into another website, you must publish it with the link to the topic of the release in this community. It is forbidden to publish the direct link in another website. Moreover, the creator has the right to decide if he/she wants his/her creation to be published in another website.

7- Remakes of characters abandoned/given up by their creators, for reason of retirement or death, will be only allowed if the copyright of the creation has not be given to another person and this could clearly be proved. Anyway, the original creator must be credited if a remake is made under these circumstances.

8- It is forbidden to make public/release/show material containing Porn or Hentai.

9- Feedback/Reviews/Critics are only allowed if they are constructive and if they are not aggressive to the creation or the author.

10- Discrimination of any kind is strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule will result in an instant ban.

Dual or Multiple accounts are not allowed in this forum. Penalties for breaking this rule will vary for every case.

12- Web promotion must be only made in the profile section. Signature space is not to be use for this matter. Web`s Mini banners are not allowed on signatures.

13- Any aggressive or discrediting message/PM/post against Mugen Generations or any member of the Staff, or user if he/she reports it, will be considered as a serious offense and could result in a permanent ban.

14- Users marked with a yellow card will always have the right to know the reason of this penalty. If the user is not publically notified or notified via PM (Private Message), he/she has the right to ask for an explanation sending a PM to any Staff member.

15- Mugen Generations’ Administration reserves the right of admission, measures taken and actions carried out if a user’s behavior or acts are considered to affect or obstruct the normal work/operation of the community.

16- If you have something to say to a particular user, that it’s no interest or concern of anyone else, use the PM (Personal Message). It is not allowed to use the forum as a chat.

17- Every author has the right to decide if someone could use any material from his/her creation. Mugen Generations stress this right, so the use of “Close Source” material it is not allowed if the author marks his/her creation as “Close”

18- Every Mugen Generations’ Team possesses its own set of rules, but, at the same time, they all have to follow the general rules of the community. If a team’s member is found breaking the rules, He/she could be banned. On the other hand, Mugen Generations’ Administrators will not interfere into any team’s subject, unless the Team’ Leader ask for interference.

19- Your signature cannot exceed 470x350 pixels. Images that are over this size must be shown in [spoilers]. If you don’t follow this rule, Mugen Generations staff could modify your signature space without previous notice.

20- The avatar´s size is 150x200 pixeles max.

21- The persons who are of the same hearth and possess the same IP so that it is allowed to them that there are 2 accounts with the same IP will have to have this rule present. From what they will have to present tests to the staff of which this familiar relation is real if the same one considers it to be necessary in some case or has suspicions that he is the same user with double account, the same ones can be requested by the mentioned one staff when this one considers it to be necessary, if the tests necessary do not appear after a certain time to be notified to present the tests the supposed proprietors of these accounts it becomes clear to them that they can go so far as to see his accounts pendent without notice previous for not answering to the request.
Also they have the option to use the same account if they do not want to have 2 accounts, but they will have to have presents that both are responsible for the same account in equality and of being banneada or sanctioned the account the banneo will be for both without exceptions.

With regard to the types of requested tests the same ones can become the following ones, some of them can be requested or several of the type appear in the list to be able to corroborate the authenticity of which they are two users and different persons:

- punctual questions that the staff rises to them.
- to chat with algúnos members of the staff for ' Skype ' in simultaneous across you.
- to chat with algúnos members of the staff for ' MSN ' in simultaneous across you and the writing.
- some photo taken with a role done to hand with nick of the users (The photo will not be spread under any concept, is alone like test).
- to record some video where both speak greeting to the community and his nicks say each one.
- to appear both users by web cam (in the same one or for webcams separated), be for of Skype or MSN.
- Facebook of both users (the antiquity of the same ones will happen)
- way of expressing itself on having written.


- You must not spam, that is to say, to post irrelevant comments or things such as “great, keep up the good work”. Please, you have to give at least a little opinion about the images showed or the main topic of the discussion or the material released, in any phase this creation could be.

You must not bump up topics with more than a month since the last comment if you have nothing relevant to say.

You must not double post in any topic. Use the edit button if you have to add something to your post and if this is the last one of the topic.

You must not go off topic. For example, if a topic is about a char, don’t ask for another chars, stages or any other material in that topic.

You must use proper language and don’t disrespect other users. That is to say, directly, indirectly, implicit or explicit insults that could offend users’ sensibilities. For example, if you have an opinión about a creation, don’t use words or phrases that could offend the author. Quality is subjective, so every work deserves respect as well as the author.

You must post properly and in the corresponding section. For example, don’t post WIPs on the releases section. If you don’t know where your topic should go, post it in “Mugen General Discussion” and/or ask a moderator or administrator to move it to the corresponding sectio.

You must post accordingly to the individual section`s rules (if they exist). These rules are classified as “Post It” in those sections.

- You must use [spoiler] on big images or mugen screenshots when you post them, so that the normal work/operation of the forum is not affected or obstructed.

IMPORTANT: Rules are to be respected and followed, if you don’t do it, you will get the corresponding sanction.
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Mugen Generations Community's Rules

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